Below you will find some of the important obligations you are required to comply with under the terms of your contract.

Make payments as agreed or have arrangements accepted by your account representative. 
Carry full coverage insurance on your vehicle at all times. Deductibles not to exceed $500
Update First Peachtree Finance of all changes involving where you live, where you work, and phone numbers where we can reach you.
Promptly report any insurance claims to First Peachtree Finance.

These are a few of the important things you will find in your contract. Please read your contract for your complete obligations. Failure to abide by the obligations required on your contract may result in your account being declared in default and assigned to repossession. At First Peachtree Finance we want to prevent collection activity on your account. That starts with you. If you have a situation that affects your obligations under the terms of your contract — CALL YOUR ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE IMMEDIATELY.  Don't wait for us to call you. You must be proactive. Communication is key.  

Can you be repossessed
even if you don't miss a payment?

If the terms of your contract allow. Some common reasons you might be assigned to repossession, other than missing payments, are as follows:

  • Your vehicle is damaged, abandoned, stolen, or anything else that would cause the value of the collateral to depreciate.
  • You attempt to or do in fact sell the property.
  • Failure to provide proof of or maintain full
    coverage insurance.
  • Your financial status has changed for the worse. 
    If something has happened, i.e. lost your job, call
    our office and make an appointment to talk to us. 
    It is our goal to work with you as much as possible. Your cooperation and participation is the key.
  • You have moved without notifying us as per the terms of your contract