My payment might be just a few days late ...
Should I call my account representative?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Communication is very important. In the event you have a more serious payment problem in the future ... the fact that you have called WILL work in your favor.

Do I have a grace period? do not. There is nothing in the contract that says you have a grace period. You will be charged a late fee of 5% of the payment on the 10th day late. This is a contractual obligation.

What are the requirements on insurance deductibles?

All vehicles must have “FULL” coverage at all times. What that means is Comprehensive and Collision coverage in addition to Liability which is required by state law. Deductible may not exceed $500. Failure to maintain full coverage is considered default on your contract.


When can I stop making my payments after I have traded in my car?
Once the dealership you traded with makes the payment in full on your account. Generally the payoff is received within 10 business days. If it has not been received, you must still make these payments due to protect your credit. When trading a car, you must contact your First Peachtree Finance account representative immediately with the following information: the name of the dealership with whom you traded, their location, phone number and name of your salesperson.


I have lost my job... What do I do?
Call your account representative. He/she will ask for you to visit the office to meet with the General Manager. When you visit the office, bring your Separation letter and proof that you have filed for and are eligible for unemployment benefits. Bring a copy of any bills you owe, such as electricity, water, rent, insurance and any other monthly bills you have to pay. We will review your situation and attempt to find a solution to allow you to keep your car. Don’t wait until you are already Past Due. That will only give us less of an opportunity to find a solution.


I have paid my car off... When do I get the title to my vehicle?
Your title will be mailed to you on the 15th day of the following month. Example—you make your final payment on May 10th, your title will be mailed on June 15th.


Can I make my payments at the dealership?
No. This will only delay the payment being credited to your account. You may get late fees and/or be reported as late to the credit bureau. We will not remove any late fees because you paid at the dealership. Additionally we cannot be responsible for any payments not made directly to First Peachtree Finance. If you PAY ONLINE at the dealership, you do so at your own risk. Go to the “MAKE A PAYMENT” section of this website to see how you can PAY ONLINE to First Peachtree Finance.